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Masterful Musicianship

A gifted performer in a league of his own, Charlie’s versatility and style appeals to any age, type, or size of audience. You can escape in your chair or drift away dancing, either way, Charlie will soothe your spirit and elevate your senses!

  • Vocal artistry – soothing harmonies and rich baritones.
  • Singer, guitarist, bass pedalist,  songwriter.
  • Master multi-instrumentalist and ‘Toolist’.
  • Plays multiple instruments and sings – simultaneously!
  • Performs independently as a solo, duo or trio act.
  • Headlines his band or leads a full orchestra.
  • First-class funky, bluesy, jazzy style.
  • Strong, long-term international career.

Master of Ceremonies

Charlie B. is a natural-born leader, entertainer, and motivator. If you’ve seen him perform, you know that he loves making people happy. Charlie’s knows how to effectively move a crowd and how to create success and add value. Charlie has a reputation for:

  • $$$ Increasing successful fund raising efforts. $$$
  • elevating the image of his sponsor.
  • complimenting and easing efforts for any event planner.
  • captivating and inspiring any size or type of audience.
  • creating long-lasting memories and impressions.
  • his genuine, heart-felt approach.
  • His magnetic, engaging, and insatiable persona.

Charlie truly is a ‘master’ of ceremonies and a best solution for any event or occasion.

Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe.  – Lao Tsu


View the electronic press kit for more information about Charlie and his music.


  • NY East Village – Mod scene, Montreal Jazz scene.
  • Owner of live music venue, hosting top-class players/guests.
  • Long-standing player in international venues.
  • Played with well-accomplished artists such as Grover Washington Jr., Brook Benton, Gladys Night and the Pips, Barry White, Donna Summers, Rita McNeil, Arti Butler, and more.
  • Emcee for Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, Nestle, FedEx, European Actibs Conference (Switzerland), 1988 Calgary Olympics, 2010 Whistler Olympics, and more.


  • Performs independently as a solo, duo or trio; as a band front-man; or as the lead of a full-blown orchestra.
  • Repertoire encompasses a diverse range of music.
  • Perfect for festivals, concerts, corporate events, conventions, special occasions, private parties, and more.
  • Any size audience.
  • Any type of crowd.
  • Any genre.
  • Effective in any atmosphere.


  • Strong accolades and dedication for his art has earned him a long, successful career in global theatres.
  • Popular worldwide entertainer.
  • Winner, 2017 Southern Alberta Blues Challenge.
  • Semi-finalist, 2018 International Blues Challenge, Memphis Tennessee.
  • Voted most popular by the people, 2017.
  • Consistently pulls audiences to their feet.

If music be the food of love, play on.  – William Shakespeare


Charlie is the ultimate host if you’re looking for pleasure and performance!